ShawnWoodsGreyVNeckSideGrin900pxBorn in Southern California, while just a teen, Shawn Woods began his acting career.  His mother, a student at UCI Irvine, at the time was involved with several local theater groups.  She was a great inspiration and source of support.  With her help, Shawn Woods landed his first role at eleven years of age.  By the time he was 22 he had already been cast in twenty five plays (Othello, The Wiz, Streamers etc…etc)  he received various awards and honors from the thespian world and a serious love for the art developed.  Studies took him  through out much of the world before returning to the states.


This former dancer, firefighter, club owner, painter, writer, fighter and all state wrestler has had various forms of success through out his life, but there has been none to compare to the role he cherishes most, which is that of a father.


In 2001 he moved to Hollywood CA and set his focus towards acting.  Soon after he  landed a small part in his first feature film, Charlie’s Angels. From there such films as Swordfish, Hollywood Homicide, Dessert Saints and numerous television appearances followed.  Over the last ten years he has been blessed to have worked with many talented people and lives in a state of gratitude for each experience.  Taking a short break in 2009, Shawn returned back to college, to pursue a degree in photography.  After concluding his time at the Art Institute of Hollywood, he returned  to his 1st love and soon after booked the role as a series regular on the Fox show “The Ropes”.  The show was written and directed by Vin Diesel and guest directors Zoe Saldana and Frankie Flowers.


Determined and focused, Shawn Woods digs deep within himself, to tap into his truth.  Relentlessly he pushes the boundaries and dares to travel beyond comfort zones.  Many actors get stuck in the repetitive roles that fit a look but this actor has the depth to reinvent himself and the talent to deliver comedic, dramatic, memorable performances.